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Have you ever thought about hosting your own meetup or organizing events to build your brand? Join Andi Galpern to ask her anything about how to produce events and build a community on Thursday, August 23 from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm.

Ask questions on how to: 
• Create and launch an event
• Grow a brand
• Reach out to speakers
• Set up a budget
• Work with sponsors
• Advertise
• Attract attendees
• and anything you want to learn



About Andi Galpern

andi galpern
Andi Galpern
UX Content Strategist 
& Product Designer
CloudApp & Cascade SF

Andi Galpern a UX Content Strategist and Product Designer at CloudApp. She teaches best practices for product design, builds community, and works across the Marketing & Product Team.

Andi is also the Founder and Producer of Cascade SF, an experience design for technology organization in the Bay Area. Her events provide a go-to space for product designers to learn new skills, connect with industry leaders, mentor, and stay ahead of the job market. Everyone works together toward a more fulfilling career. 

Since 2011, Andi has organized hundreds of events to bring designers together and help them advance their careers.  Follow her on Twitter @andigalpern.


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