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For many of us, working remote is totally new. Especially if you are running a team, the communications between you and your team are even more important now than ever. 

There's no time for confusion or any lack of clarity. We've brought together an expert panel of leaders who are managing teams remotely and making sure there is no drop-off in output or results right now. Join us live with Ryan O'Hara, Gabe Villamizar, Cody Gilland and your Host, Joe Martin. 

If you need to keep your team on track, this is the webinar for you.

You’ll learn:

  • How to keep communication clear and concise between your team
  • Maintaining quality of coaching and performance across the team
  • How to provide your team with what they need, when they need it while working remote
  • Making sure results don't suffer because you're not all together in the office